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Microsoft Presents – XBox One

Xbox fans in every corner of the world were anxiously waiting for the launch date of the new version of the console. Microsoft has given out some interesting information about the new device that is to be launched at the end of 2013. This article will let you know how fascinating the new device is.

The latest Xbox – Xbox One, is loaded with a wide range of unique and interesting features. The processor and graphics performance have played an important role behind the popularity of this device and the new version of the device is expected to provide even better results. The controllers of the new Xbox are the same as the old one. Manufacturers say that you can use Blu-Ray disks along with the new console. The Xbox One will also include a 500GB mechanical hard disk as standard.

But it seems that the main innovation of the new console comes from the Kinect device. The new version of the Kinect recognizes its users and adapts accordingly. The existing Xbox 360 uses the Kinect device to offer a voice control, but the Xbox One will take this feature a step further. Microsoft now owns Skype and they are going to include it in the new console.

The price of Xbox One is still unknown and it is expected to be reasonably priced like other consoles in the lineup and it seems now that it is expected to bring joy to fans of consoles.